Song Lyric

Free 21 Freestyle - Tory Lanez

Just some shit to vent to
All my smokers roll your weed up, uh
All my drinkers get your lick right, yeah
Word to Jada, I'm smokin' fire, yeah, uh

Free 21 Freestyle - Tory Lanez - Song Lyric

Just some shit to vent to
All my smokers roll your weed up, uh
All my drinkers get your lick right, yeah
Word to Jada, I'm smokin' fire, yeah, uh
Look, look, uh, yeah

I look at it funny, a whole lot of money
I'm juggin' it for me, ridiculous
I look at it funny when niggas that's gettin' belligerent know what the business is
All of my niggas indigenous
Nigga, take a second, please consider this
Weed, was trimmin' it
Product, was sellin' it, dream, we livin' it
Thinkin' of scammin' and schemes was givin' in
Used to be like, "Niggas over bitches"
Then my bitches kept it over real than niggas
I can feel it in my feelings, real as shit
My heart [?] was not in chill with niggas

Now I'm backseat, I'm like Malcolm on the black street
With the album, I'm an athlete
The way I be makin' the track meet on the rap sheet (Ayy)
Look how they did our nigga from Atlanta for not bein' in Atlanta
The government so un-handed
They handed that shit off to someone who basically scammin'
And fuckin' and duckin' the Challenger full of police
And you know you a champion out here for thuggin' it
I found a loophole that niggas ain't want me to dig in
But, fuck it, I dug in it
All of the water that sit on my neck
It just couldn't amount to the oil that I struck in it
I used to sit in the kitchen so hungry
The oodles and noodles are boilin', bubblin', bubblin'
Mama workin' shift and doublin'
Wasn't 'til late in the night I was comin' in
I was in high school, no curfew, fuckin' hoes like come again
Look at the way that they made it, the people that hated
The divas I dated, the beef and the bullets got fired
The niggas that died, the problems the reaper created

We started with nothin' and made it to somethin'
The duckin' the bullets and keepin' the blade
Love for my dawg, don't wanna be him 'cause he in the cage
I'm deep in the maze
He look at me as I'm rappin' 'bout life in the street and the reason why he in the cage
Only thing different, we both talked about it, but life didn't give back an even exchange
Speakin' of life, my nigga Ike, he doin' three of them thangs
All he ever really wanted was to feed his daughter and get a key to the Range
Almost stacked himself a milli' in cash, I'm tryna show you niggas he wasn't playin'
He was that nigga you had to go see when you needed a re-up

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