Hi Billie Eilish... - Token 「Lyrics」

Hi Billie.
Pop pop with the flow
Drop drop get it low
Yay yah, finna go

Hi Billie Eilish... - Token 「Lyrics」

Hi Billie.
Pop pop with the flow
Drop drop get it low
Yay yah, finna go
Top 5, Billie goat
Clothes with design from Milan, my fit is bold
Bro did his time like a stop watch, get him home.
On lock with the hoe
Hot box with the smoke
IRS probably see this little rich kid, wanna freeze my cheese like a hot pocket in cold
Opening her walls till it’s looking like a hall, Arsenio
Foei gras with a loaf
Chop-chop, bring the bros

White wine, finna toast
Whole day spit, but im nighttime with the hoe
Bro don’t strip, but he might slide with the pole, pole, pole.
Why your hype die? Cuz my light hit the globe,
hide inside mine, you guys might get a glow,
find the WiFi and find my video-
“Hip hop Twitter” gon have a field day.
Bitch got Fendi on, know she feel great.
If she wear True Religion, it’s a deal break.
Fuck it.
Rappers get a little bit of money, post a California roll and think they really doing something.
Me, I got good taste way beyond the money.
Put Balenci in the suitcase, Chrome Heart be on me.
Got a homie with a new piece, he Mohammad Gandhi,

cheerleader, it’s the routine if he caught a body - ody - ody-
He Meagan wit it, I salute him for that.
The god is moving, you gotta do “hallelujahs”for that.
My broad is Jewish, shabbot - she give top as soon she back.
My pop music will probably plop me new on the map.
I drop you in your tracks
My guy shoot when he mad
He in arts and crafts class -
he “hot glue” with the strap.
My stock booming, in fact,
If you think ima fall below, you witness mission impossible - Tom Cruise in the cast.
I’m not you; you can never be too different.
Zoom, zoom with a few cool bitches.
All different colors on the table like they balls in a game of pool -

I’m the pool cue hitting.
Hit me dog, yeah
fair like Billie blond hair.
Get me on air -
Token got the voice to bring the bitches all wit him all there,
then seduce em with a Giveon flair yea
I ain’t surprised when they call it corny,
It’s corny I gotta do this shit for you to group me with these artists that I’m out-performing.
How’s your morning?
I woke up in a 10 thousand dollar bed with a Persian bitch.
Looking for the “cringy lyrical” starter kit, but I could only find some rich person shit.
I got a album coming, sure you’ll get word of it, uh huh.
I swerve a bit and kick the curb

just like I did with her and shit -
the whip reverse, my pinky worth
a couple k, I’m kidding bitch, it’s just a third of it, uh huh.
Kill the shit and skip the vertict bitch, the jury must be hung.
Hang it up like it’s wet, you in-debt with me.
Got a bitch in fish net, the kid went fishing -
when I rip the fish net, the kid met kitty.
Got a ring on index, what big bread get me.
Shit, get the windex, the whip, yep, filthy.
I’m slick; I slip checks to bitch next to me -
not bitch, a princess, the king-bed fit me,
and it fit the chick’s friend, the chick’s friend with me.
Sift through big checks when interest hit me
in a crib with big rent, and big men with me.

I don’t give no chin-check; I’m rich, yea, silly.
Bro hit me direct if it get sticky.
That stick, stick; stick.
What do my guys say? click, click, click.
What the garage say? Whip, whip, whip.
What do all yal say? Shit, shit, shit -
Toke coming for the shit.
Shit, pop in the bitch like its “mm, surprise.”
Yal had a run but now mm, it’s mine.
Fucking up plans and it’s gotta be a sign.
Bro talk with his hands, like he tryna be a mime.
Toke back in demand and it’s feeling like time -
treat me like the champ in the ring, no friendship.
Whip so nice, that I don’t take exit -

brand new rim, re-tire, like pension.
NY block, and my real close friend is
Ringo Star with a stick, he legend.
When they react to this shit when it drops, they don’t gotta do no pretending.
I don’t got no fucking co-sign, I don’t need a feature to be stable.
They gonna clown me for being different, what the fuck did he name his label?